Dave Meadows


The below poem was written in memory of 19 miners
who lost their lives in a pit accident at
Bickershaw Colliery, Leigh on October 10th 1932.

It was kindly donated by Dave Meadows.

In health and strength they left their homes.
Not thinking death so near.
It pleased the Lord to bid them come,
and in his sight appear.

Death to them short warning gave,
therefore be careful how you live.
Prepare in time, make no delay,
for who may know their dying day?  

In prime of life they were cut down.
No longer would they stay;
Because it was their Saviour’s will,
to call them hence away.  

They have gone- the grave has received them,
‘twas Jesus who called them away;
they have gone to the Lord who redeemed them
from night to the splendour of day.




Dave Meadows

Astley Green Colliery Museum